• 1.1. By signing up for CSGO7 project, you agree to these terms in full. May not be registered and the use of services to persons who do not agree to follow these rules.
  • 1.2. Project administration does not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to you as a result of using this service.
  • 1.3. Any appeal to the Administration CSGO7 with obscene content or carrying offensive character will be ignored. In the case of a repeat incident - blacklisting.
  • 1.4. Since it is impossible to describe all the rules of the specific areas of work in the project, any recommendations or requirements of the Administration of the project should be seen as an addition to the existing rules.
  • 1.5. By submitting exchange for in-game items Counter-Strike: Global Offensive our bot, you should not pick up his belongings.
  • 2.1. When you register to specify the correct information and have an open inventory.
  • 2.2. If you find faults or errors in the script to the site users are required to first make sure that the Administration is not aware of the problem. Tell fault contact technical support.
  • 2.3. Do not carry out hacking attempts site and do not use any errors in the scripts.
  • 2.4. In the case of the completed inventory items remain the winner in advance.
  • 2.5. Take the win in 30 minutes, otherwise it will be forfeited. Exceptions are cases where things did not reach you because of any error on our part.
  • 2.6. Take exchanges immediately after the victory. If you have not taken more than 5 exchanges we can not send you to the new exchange.
  • 2.7. To get the prize, the winner of the inventory is to be opened. Otherwise, things will not be returned.
  • 2.8. If you specify an incorrect reference to the exchange (trade offer) things will not be returned.
  • 2.9. If you cancel or exchange sent a counter-proposal after the victory, your things will not be returned to you as the boat is not designed to re-send items.
  • 2.10. If you have restrictions on the sharing of your account things remain the administration.
  • 2.11. By making a purchase in a store you have 1 hour for adoption of the purchased items or your purchase will be canceled. Exceptions are cases where things did not reach you because of any error on our part.
  • 2.12. If you make a purchase, "accidentally" we can not give you back the balance, you need to take the purchased item.
(Members who are in the black list can not participate in games online)
  • 3.1. All users are required to fully and unconditionally follow the rules and do not challenge them.
  • 3.2. Cheating the system, break-in attempts.
  • 3.3. Users Blackmail, attempted fraud and facts.
  • 3.4. Mislead users posing as moderators and administrators of the site.
  • 3.5. Appeal to the Administration with obscene content or carrying offensive.
  • 3.6. Aiding, abetting in relation to the above rules points.


I am at least 18 years old and have read theTerms & Conditions.

Provably Fair
To show that our system is truly random we use a "provably fair" system. That means you can check if a round was fair (valid) by using these three elements:

The winner percentage

To uncover the number the system uses the formula  (WinnerPercentage / 100) * TotalTickets 
After doing the math you'll end up with a number that contains the number of the winning ticket, from there you will only need to count the number of tickets, starting at the beginning of the round (being that we give 1 ticket per each 0.01 Steam Value deposited) and you'll find the fair winner - please note the fair winner is zero based, so the first ticket starts on zero, and goes from there.

The round secret

The round secret is a random string generated at the beginning of the round but only shown at the end. It's meant to encrpyt the winner percentage and allow you to verify the winning ticket via the round identifier.

The round hash

The round hash is an md5 string that is given at the beginning of the round, it is generated by joining the round secret with the winner percentage, separated by a "-", so a round hash is an md5 encrypted string of "[roundSecret]-[winningPercentage]".

Verify a round:

To help you verify a round, we created this small helper tool that runs completly on the client side. If you're a programmer feel free to check the source code, we added everything inline to allow you to see exactly what the code is doing over a quick inspection.