You can send max 20 items at a time.
Minimum price per item >= $0.10.
We recommend you to use Steam Inventory Helper in order to appraise the value.

Provably Fair
To show that our system is truly random we use a "provably fair" system. That means you can check if a round was fair (valid) by using these three elements:

The winner percentage

To uncover the number the system uses the formula  (WinnerPercentage / 100) * TotalTickets 
After doing the math you'll end up with a number that contains the number of the winning ticket, from there you will only need to count the number of tickets, starting at the beginning of the round (being that we give 1 ticket per each 0.01 Steam Value deposited) and you'll find the fair winner - please note the fair winner is zero based, so the first ticket starts on zero, and goes from there.

The round secret

The round secret is a random string generated at the beginning of the round but only shown at the end. It's meant to encrpyt the winner percentage and allow you to verify the winning ticket via the round identifier.

The round hash

The round hash is an md5 string that is given at the beginning of the round, it is generated by joining the round secret with the winner percentage, separated by a "-", so a round hash is an md5 encrypted string of "[roundSecret]-[winningPercentage]".

Verify a round:

To help you verify a round, we created this small helper tool that runs completly on the client side. If you're a programmer feel free to check the source code, we added everything inline to allow you to see exactly what the code is doing over a quick inspection.